​Accounts Receivables' Biggest Challenges

Dealing with multiple vendors to get the most return from your accounts receivables is the accepted norm before. Recently however, more and more businesses realized the need for a better way of managing their accounts receivables. This clamor for a better solution resulted into the introduction of the comprehensive accounts receivable management service uniquely offered by Professional Billing Partners. This new service addresses the biggest source of despair for all businesses. 

These are:

  • Diminishing liquid asset due to commissions and service fees
  • Protracted recovery period rooted by the need for multiple vendors
  • Mediocre recovery percentage for smaller and less preferred businesses
  • Increased overall cost of recovery due to peripheral and hidden fees including but not limited to:
  1. Skip tracing services (e.g.: debtor information, asset verification, credit score assessment, etc...)
  2. Professional consultation fees (e.g.: accounting consultation, practice management consultation, IT consultation, etc...)
  3.  Legal fees (e.g.: Collection Attorney Service Fee, Litigation Attorney Service Fee, Paralegal Consultation, Interstate Collection Agency/Attorney Service Fees, etc...)


​​Ever get tired of having to deal with multiple vendors to handle your accounts receivables?​

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